“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”
– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

At Audacify we help passionate entrepreneurial women, like you, who want to make a difference in the world, finally launch that business, program or book, that’s been put off for waaaay too long. With innovative coaching that’s more about life-long change than quick one-minute fixes, we help you get crystal clear on ‘what next?’, quit procrastinating and ditch comparing yourself to everyone else and feeling not good enough.

You see, I believe we can all make a positive difference in the world AND have the lifestyle we crave, so I help you create successful new mindsets and habits, take bold inspiring action, and finally bring to life that bloody project you’ve been dreaming about for so long so you can make your unique contribution to the world AND have a life you love.

We do that by:

  • Our program Make It Happen Mindset program and introductory free audio training, Just Bloody Do It: How to Quit Procrastinating So You Can Finally Launch Your Dream Biz, Program or Book, helps you stop procrastinating, comparing yourself to others, feeling like you’re not good enough and going around in circles. If you want to launch that dream business, program or book of yours you first have to become the kind of person who makes it happen! We help you do that.
  • Once you’ve created the internal confidence, clarity and resolve then you need to carve out the time to actually turn your dreams into reality. As someone who juggles kids, business and a job, I know that’s bloody tough. But, don’t worry, our productivity training will help you achieve WAY more in less time so no matter how much you’re juggling you can still fast-track that dream project of yours and finally bring it to life (even if you only get to work during nap times)!
  • Now you’re on fire, my dear, you’ve got a winning mindset and you’ve created habits, routines and systems that enable you to get far more done than ever before. Now it’s time to finally make that dream of yours a reality. To help you do that we provide custom strategy design so you get crystal clear on what to do in order to achieve your goal in the most efficient way possible. Contact me for more information.  
  • Finally, if you want a no bullshit, guaranteed way to turn your dream into a reality, then our three-month Launch the Bloody Thing! is for you (offered both to private clients and in a small-group mastermind). In that program you’ll nail all the fundamentals (success mindsets, habits, routines and systems), combined with a winning strategy and accountability to help you get out of your comfort zone and take consistent, bold, inspired action.
  • You can start right now by joining our community of amazing women pursuing their big dreams and making their unique contribution to the world while creating a life they love. As part of our tribe you’ll get regular free tips, tools and training to make your dream come true, no matter how much you doubt yourself or have excellent excuses on why you can’t do it (we’ll get rid of them, don’t worry).

At Audacify our approach is simple: If you want to achieve your dreams you first need to nail the fundamentals (creating a winning mindset, habits, routines and systems) and then take consistent BOLD, inspired, strategic action. We help you do all of that because we believe that the only path to follow is that which leads to YOUR dreams (not someone else’s) and that we can all make a positive difference in the world while creating a life we love. That’s what we want for you!

At Audacify we know the power of getting out of your comfort zone and into your stretch zone where true personal growth happens. Staying in your comfort zone is a recipe for complacence and procrastination. Comfort, after all, kills productivity and drive. So we don’t just help you create the mindset, habits and routines that will facilitate your success, we challenge you to consistently take audacious action to accelerate your success. You’ll have that dream business, program or book launched before you know it!!!

Who’s behind this?

Hi, I’m Kelly Brooke Nicholls, an advocate for you to achieve your most audacious goals, break down your barriers, make a difference in the world and live a life outside the box that you truly love. I find it hard to give myself a one word definition because, maybe like you, I’m multi-passionate. But, this is the short list:  I’m a coach, strategist, soon to be published author, mum (best role ever), human rights and humanitarian advocate and change maker.

I grew up on a boat in the South Pacific Islands because my parents had the guts to pursue their audacious goal and create a unique life full of adventure and meaning. I want to help you do the same.  I believe we can all make a positive difference in the world AND create a life we love.

But, it’s hard to do it when you’re stuck in a place of procrastination, comparing yourself to others, feeling like you’re not good enough and doubting that you can actually achieve your dreams. I know because not long ago, I was stuck in a shitty place of procrastination and self doubt. I’d sway almost weekly from being super excited about the business I was creating to doubting myself big time and wondering why the fuck I was bothering. I’d constantly be comparing myself to every other female entrepreneur and feel like a right loser. Why bother? I’d ask. But the thing is I knew deep inside that I could make a difference to women and I had a special gift to share. But, I was sick of talking about this dream of mine and doing very little to make it happen. I always felt like I just needed to do one more course, read one more book, learn the latest marketing thang, start one more social media channel and THEN I’d be successful. Finally, I realised I was just going in circles. The problem was not a lack of knowledge. I didn’t need to learn any new marketing tricks. I had everything I needed. Except for the belief in myself. I realised that all of those courses were a complete waste of my time and energy UNTIL I created that unwavering internal confidence and resolve.

The program I now teach, Make It Happen Mindset Program,  is based on all of the tools and techniques I used to identify and release all my own fears and self-doubt and create that kind of confidence that has allowed me and my clients to take CONSISTENT, BOLD, INSPIRED ACTION which has resulted in launching my business, creating and launching a number of programs and finishing and signing a publishing deal for my book. I want the same for you!



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If you’re still interested (and I surely won’t be insulted if you’re not), here’s a little bit more about me:

  • I’m a coach, strategist, writer and advocate and have a long history of working with people both in private and group programs to help them achieve their dreams. I have spent over 15 years studying human behaviour and motivation, habit formation and goal attainment strategies.
  • I also have a long professional history working in the not for profit sector helping people affected by conflict, human rights abuse and extreme poverty. It’s a deep rooted passion of mine and my goal is that all of my business programs and initiatives have a firmly ingrained philanthropic element.
  • I’ve written an international thriller novel based on true stories of the Colombian drug wars that will be published in January 2017. I wrote the novel to highlight the real impact of the 52 year war on ordinary citizens and also the bravery of those ordinary citizens who stand up against overwhelming violence to fight for peace, justice and human rights.
  • I have an adorable toddler, Jaxon and a beautiful baby, Joshua. My family and close friends are the best thing ever.
  • I’m Australian, but spent the first 8 years of my life on a boat in the South Pacific and have subsequently lived and worked in many countries, including; Colombia, the Ecuadorian Amazon, Mexico, the US and UK, etc.
  • Some of my many passions include: spending time with friends and family, dancing (samba, salsa, belly or just random jumping around with my son), traveling, sailing, volunteering, learning (I’m obsessed), reading, personal development, very good coffee, being in nature, cooking (but only when I have time – rushed cooking sucks), running, barre and yoga classes, reading/watching a good thriller, etc.

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